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Phoebe and I are still holding on to the idea that if it doesn't fit into our backpacks, we don't need it (except, of course, for Elmo). So instead of registering for gifts that we'll have to pack up and put into storage whenever we move (not to mention, bring back on our flight home), we have decided to go on another adventure! With your help, we hope to visit Phoebe's favorite place in the entire world: Lord Howe Island, Australia.

Our plan is to leave on the Monday following the ceremony, and stay on Lord Howe Island for 5 nights. Before returning to the possibly, probably, almost certainly snow-covered Chicago, we'll be taking advantage of these precious days to soak up the sun and sea water as much as possible, (maybe get a couple of massages), and celebrate our first week together as husband and wife! To help us make this happen, click on the button above, enter your information, and send us a little note.

**As our honeymoon fund grows, we will color in the photos on the left, to show how close we are to our goal.**



The first thing we have to do is pay for is our flights (it's a long way to swim)...

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There are only 100 tourist beds available on this little island, and we will be staying at the Howeana Apartments. 

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The local, freshly-caught kingfish is – by popular demand – a fixture on almost every menu! Phoebe wont stop talking about how amazing it tastes fresh out of the sea! Help us make the most of our week with beach BBQs, delicious dinners, and tropical breakfasts, to fuel our daily adventures!

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Scuba Diving

The coral reefs at Lord Howe Island are the most southerly (31° 33’S) – and among the most spectacular – in the world! We both love scuba diving but we don't get many opportunities here in Chicago! We can't wait to see the world from underwater...

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Massages! Enough said. 

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