In February 2011, an American boy decided that he needed a break.  A break from the 9 to 5.  A break from his usual routines.  He just needed to see more.  So he quit his job, packed a small (and poorly planned) backpack, and bought himself a one-way ticket to Costa Rica.  The trip would change his life forever, although not in the way he expected or even in the ways he described to his friends on returning home.

See, this boy had met a girl - an Australian girl to be exact - at a hostel during his trip.  They spent that night drinking and laughing and just being themselves: two travelers enjoying their respective adventures and the people they met along the way. They traveled together for a bit - not all that long in the grand scheme of things - and both eventually went on their merry way, one back to America, the other to Australia. 

Fast forward to April 2012 and our American boy is now studying in Rome. Our Australian girl, through a series of unfortunate events, decides to uproot herself and spend a year in Europe. They offhandedly organized to meet in Rome. They didn't know what to expect from this other person who was almost a stranger.  "She's just a friend", he said to his roommates. "He's nice, but I don't really know him", she told her friends. Neither suspected that a kiss on that first night in Rome would spark a clandestine international affair that would have them meeting up in Spain, and later Greece, this time the goodbyes being much harder to say. 

Goodbyes were said, but without conviction, as four months later the boy was impulsively purchasing a ticket to Thailand for one "last" romantic adventure with this girl.  This time, however, they both realized that this was no longer just a fling.  After three months of infuriatingly slow internet connections, the boy, with a much larger bag packed than before, walked through the Sydney airport, hand in hand with the girl he'd drunk Caribbean rum with all those years ago. 



We welcomed 2015 surrounded by new friends in a brand new, snowy city: Chicago! We left our Sydney family behind so that the American boy could finish his American degree, and the Australian girl could experience the joys of dealing with the American Immigration Centre...none of which matters of course, because we are still together, with ManyManyAdventures ahead of us in our new home...

Where We've Been

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