Check out the websites below from some of our favorite travelers for amazing stories, photographs, and most importantly, people

Cinematographer & Filmmaker 

Matt Kohn is a thrill-seeker, world traveler, fitness fanatic, and aspiring world-changer. He is also the creator of the website A Different Hunger, which he created to help others through his passions of fitness, travel, positive psychology, and living a life of purpose.

You can also check out ADH's Facebook page here or follow Matt on Twitter  @DifferentHunger


Candice Walsh's website Candice Does The World follows her adventures around the globe from being laid off to her current position as an editor at Matador Network. Her Twitter bio says it all: "Professional experience collector, travel fiend, Matador Network editor, MatadorU Lead Writing Faculty, NFLD blogger, all around badass".

You can also follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @CandiceWalsh

Nomadic Habit

Marianna's website Nomadic Habit was originally started as a way to document her year-long trip with a past boyfriend. When her mother became ill she left her trip, and her boyfriend, to come home. However, her desire to see the world, and her website, has only grown with time.

You can also follow her along on her next great adventure on her Facebook page or see her great photos on Instagram.

Brendan quit his job as an accountant at 23 years old and has been traveling full time ever since. He created his website, Bren On The Road, where he wants to challenge the idea that life is supposed to revolve around a 9-5. Who made up that stupid rule anyway? Life should revolve around your passions; the things that don’t require an alarm clock to get you out of bed in the morning. If travel is what you love, he wants to show you that you don’t need a lot of money or a crazy personality to see the world.

Follow him on Twitter @brenontheroad