Watch: Woman living completely off-grid in a yurt for the past two years

If you’re like us, you’ve had the occasional fantasy of dropping everything and moving to a tiny part of the world with nothing more than you can carry on your back. Sitting next to a warm fire with a stack a books and your big, fluffy dog, unable to be reached by the outside world. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Well one woman is doing just that and you can see what that life is like, thanks to this short movie from Exploring Alternatives.

After hearing about this woman’s life change, Mat & Danielle travelled to Beige to find out just what it’s like to live in a tiny yurt in Canada for over two years. She has no electricity or running water and her home cannot be accessed by vehicle, meaning she brings everything in by foot. She bought her yurt from Groovy Yurts and has spent these last few years seeing how little she actually needs to subside. She charges her phone on the way to work in her car and showers at the yoga gym. She acknowledges that it’s a difficult lifestyle but its also truly fulfilling.

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