10 Outdoorsy Instagrams You Absolutely Should Follow

by Ronnie Charrier


If you're like us, then you've probably got a never-ending need to be outdoors. That makes Instagram a very dangerous place to be lurking. With so many incredibly talented outdoors and travel photographers constantly posting about their awe-inspiring adventures, a quick peek at the app can quickly turn into an hours of wanderlust-induced jealousy. And because we're just a glutton for punishment, here are some of the accounts we find most enticing.

Follow at your own risk…

Ryland Hormel @ryhormel

Ryland is a Bay Area photographer with an eye for the dramatic. While his unique perspectives from all across the U.S. should get you to check out his profile, it's his adorable husky puppy that adventures with him that will probably get you to click follow. 

Skye Stoury @skyestoury

Skye is a landscape and lifestyle photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. The Pacific Northwest is known for their picturesque Instagram-worthy backdrops, which is probably one reason we follow so many people from that area (as well as one of us having grown up there). Skye's posts will definitely make you think about relocating to the "Upper Left".

Levi Parmiter @shotbylevi

Another Upper Left adventurer, Levi's got a style that makes you want to grab all of your friends and go on a huge camping trip out in the woods together.

Tory Savannah @torysavannah

Tory's profile starts with "let's drive around with dogs and eat cookies", and if that doesn't appeal to you, then I don't know what you're doing reading this website, because that sounds awesome! She's also the co-owner of the clothing company Wish You Were Northwest.

Tasha Rivard @tinyvantravels

In 2016, Tasha decided to join the #vanlife revolution and convert a Ford Transit Connect into a tiny home she drives around the U.S. Her photos will not only make you wonder if you too could live in a van, but her website provides a lot of great how-to's if you do make the leap.

Lukas De Groodt @lucasdegroodt

Lukas is a Belgian based outdoor photographer whose tranquil shots and subdued colors seem to perfectly capture what I imagine backpacking through Belgiam would be like.

Bruin Alexander @bruinalexander

Bruin is an ex-college hockey player turned wilderness photographer who, when he's not traveling to New Zealand and Hawaii and Iceland, lives in his Jeep Cherokee and travels around Canada and the U.S.

Mirae Campbell @miraecampbell

Mirae has been taking photos since she was 15, and this experience and her passion for capturing 'being in the moment of adventure' is why her you'll find her articles and photos all over the internet.

Melissa Findley @melissafindley

Melissa is an Australian photographer who's beautiful prints are regularly available for sale, with many of the proceeds going to the charities that she's involved in. Her photos will make you feel like you're right next to her on this adventure around the globe.

And lastly...



While not nearly as talented as the previous 9 Instagrammers, it's my website and I'll add myself if I want to! My photos are primarily made up of my beautiful wife and our adorable border collie, and soon you'll get to see what they look like in our new home, Saudi Arabia.

Have any other great Instagrammers we should be following? Tell us about them in the comments!