8 Travel tips for Photographers (or anyone traveling with a camera!)

Hi everyone! My name’s Mark and I run a site about photography and camera gear called Shotkit. I want to take this opportunity to thank Ronnie for letting me write this guest post about travel tips for photographers on his great site.

In this blog post, I’m going to cover 8 travel tips for anyone who travels with a camera. Hopefully you readers of Many Many Adventures can chime in with your own travel tips for photographers in the comments too.

  1. Get a retractable cable lock - these are incredibly handy, not to mention inexpensive. You should always carry one to be able to quickly secure the zippers on your camera bag, then secure your bag to an immoveable object for short times. *If you’re really worried about your camera being stolen whilst it’s on a strap on your body, attach a tripod plate to the base, then thread the cable lock through it and your belt, belt loop, or just anything that would prevent a pick pocket from slashing your strap and grabbing your camera.
  2. Make your camera look less valuable - one way to prevent attention to your camera gear is to try and make it look less valuable. You can try wrapping parts of your camera body/lens clumsily with masking tape, or covering logos where possible. 
  3. Get some luggage scales – whether you’re trying to travel with heavy camera gear or now, maximise your carry-on quota with a set of cheap, handheld luggage scales. These will allow you to pack in as much as possible whilst saving yourself from excess weight fees.
  4. Get creative with your packing – one sneaky way to get around the maximum carry on limits when traveling with camera gear is to wear your cameras on your body. By putting a camera/strap/flash on a strap around your neck when checking in can shave valuable pounds off your bag’s weight.
  5. Get a lightweight travel tripod - If you really must take a tripod with you to achieve a perfectly stable shot, I’d highly recommend nothing any bigger than a ‘tabletop tripod’ like the ones on this list of the best travel tripods.
  6. Make sure all your batteries are charged - Have all your batteries fully charged in case the electricity isn’t working in your destination country. Also, more than 4 batteries are not allowed in your carry on, so remember to pack the rest in your checked in luggage.
  7. 1 travel plug and one power strip is all you need – charge all your devices at once by carrying a power strip to plug them into, and one travel adapter to use to convert the power strip. So simple, but so effective!
  8. Underwater photography, the affordable way - If you’re planning some underwater photography and don’t want to splurge on pro camera housing, consider a DICApac. I’ve used them in the past and they’re fine for very shallow photography in clear waters. Just be sure to test it before you leave on a t-shirt to easily spot for leaks.

I’m sure all you readers of Many Many Adventures have a lot of experience traveling with a camera, so I look forward to hearing your tips below. If you’re interested in learning more, I included more of my own tips in the entire post on my blog: Travel tips for photographers.  

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer based in Sydney. Mark is the founder of Shotkit and author of the Shotkit Books, Lightroom Power User, More Brides and LIT