The Australian East Coast Must See Destinations

The East Coast of Australia is one beautiful place and a must see for any international or local travelers. The New South Wales state alone covers a large portion of the coastline, encompassing beautiful sandy beaches, white covered snow fields and a winery or two in between. 

It’s true, the Australian East Coast has some of the best beaches in the world, but that’s not all it has to offer. To make sure you’re not just visiting all the obvious locations, read on and check these must see destinations of your list!

The Snowy Mountains

Despite what you might think the Snowy Mountains is not just a winter destination, there is plenty to do all year round. However, during winter this area becomes snow covered and it is simply beautiful. It’s here you can enjoy several different activities on the snowfields like snowboarding, snow skiing and snow tubing. There is a little something for everyone and it’s a must for anyone that prefers the colder months.  


Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales, located just two hours north of Sydney. With great beaches, pubs and a lively cafe scene, it’s an exciting place to explore. There are many things to do and see in Newcastle like the historic Fort Scratchley and the Newcastle Ocean Baths. The beach is minutes to the CBD which gives Newcastle a ‘best of both worlds’ feel.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the iconic beach town that all international travelers envisage prior to coming to Australia, and that’s exactly why this place is so popular. The beaches are something out of a surfer’s dream, the locals are considerably laid back and the markets are one of a kind! Byron Bay has a lot going for it and it’s definitely one to add to the bucket list. 

The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is located just over two hours north of Sydney and has been coined the ‘wine country’ by the locals. This may have a little something to do with the 150 wineries that are consuming the area, making it one of Australia’s most famous wine growing regions. But there is more than just wine tasting in the Hunter Valley. The area is dripping with fine dining, chocolate and gourmet cheese tasting, and many family fun activities like aqua golf and hot air ballooning. It’s definitely worth the trip!


Also known as the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth is a beautiful country town located in the North West of New South Wales. Most famous for hosting the Tamworth Country Music Festival in mid January each year, the area attracts a range of people and for a good reason. Unlike some country towns there is plenty to do; great fishing spots, breath-taking hiking trails throughout the Moonbi Range, horse-riding and if you’re lucky you might even spot a rodeo!

Lord Howe Island

If you’re after snorkeling, diving or fishing Lord Howe Island is for you! Grab your camera and prepare to explore one of Australia’s most beautiful islands. The island is World Heritage listed, and better yet it’s only a 2 hour flight from Sydney and it’s here where you can hand feed fish, go paddle boarding over the coral reef or hire a kayak to explore in your own way. This island is one of a kind and a must see for anyone wanting to relax on the white sand as the waves come crashing in! 


New South Wales cannot be successfully explored without taking a trip to the capital city and one of the best cities in the world, Sydney! There is so much to do in Sydney, you’ll need a couple of days to see it all, but it’ll be worth it. There’s beautiful beaches like the infamous Bondi Beach, world class dining and entertainment, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, there is definitely something for everyone. 

So get up and get exploring because the Australian East Coast is something you don’t want to miss!

Olivia is an adventurous traveler who just wants to explore all the world has to offer. She's an American who has slowly made her way to the beautiful land down under, Australia, and is loving every minute of exploring this ever so scenic country, one state at a time. With her feet moving and fingers typing, she loves sharing all the gems that she discovers with the world so they can enjoy them as well! Follow along with her on her adventures on her website Great Lost.