Ready-To-Assemble, Delivered-By-Helicopter Surf Shack Is Your Next Dream Home

by Ronnie Charrier

Have you ever been rock climbing in some beautiful location, or in the middle of an amazing hike, or maybe just found a perfect, isolated little beach and thought “If only I could live here”? Well, thanks to the Backcountry Hut Company — a Canadian firm that offers flatpack cabins that assemble "like Ikea furniture," — you could now make that perfect location your new dream home.

Taking a page out of the IKEA handbook, the company just launched an assembly kit for what it calls “The Surf Shack,” a gorgeous prefabricated structure that comes in multiple configurations and sizes, and can operate on or off-the-grid. Best of all, the company assures customers that it does not require any sort of heavy machinery to construct and will be up and running in under a week with basic skills.

While the example shown to the right has an open layout with ample living space, stairs leading up to a single bedroom, and a wood-burning stove offering heat, the Surf Shack is quite customizable. Backcountry Hut Company speaks to every potential customer about their needs before settling on a final design, whether that includes an additional bedroom or more kitchen space.

They also have an in-house team of architects and project managers that will assist customers with permits and documentation requirements, a particularly handing service for people who are looking to build their new getaway in a particularly tricky location. Once everything is finalized, the new home will be delivered in flatpack form by truck - or helicopter if it's a very rural spot - and you can begin putting your house together.

“We wanted to create something that captured a certain essentialism,” said architect Michael Leckie, one of the company's co-founders. “A product and process that is unique unto itself, that has a practicality, without sacrificing good design.” With two basic exterior and interior styles and a range of sizes to choose from, each structure can be customized to the specific customer. While the exterior is preassembled, customers can choose from a variety of spec interiors or leave that part of the design process entirely to their own devices.

Orders are already coming in, and based on the press they've been getting, the demand appears high. While each kit is fully customizable, meaning each house will have it's own cost, pricing generally starts at about $45,000 for the base 10×10 studio structure, plus a retainer for the company’s design services. For specific quotes and more details on all possible options, contact the company directly.

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