21 Delicious Meals To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

by Ronnie Charrier


Does camping really have to consist of hot dogs on a stick and marshmallows on a graham cracker every night?

I don’t think so.

Don't get me wrong, those are both perfectly adequate meals, but one of my favorite things about camping is the opportunity to try out exciting and unconventional campfire recipes. Whether you like to prepare all of your meals before setting off on your trip or to create your meals on site, these are killer recipes will take your next camping trip to a new level.

1. Campfire French Toast

All it takes is egg whites, strawberries, and sugar to turn a loaf of bread into a delicious breakfast.


2. Breakfast Burger Biscuits

Starts with an easy DIY biscuit mix at home, then add water and heat at your campsite and you're ready for the day with a full stomach!


3. Chilaquiles with Blistered Tomatillo Salsa and Eggs

This hearty breakfast will impress even the most seasoned of campers, and eaters :)


4. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Everything is better over a campfire and cinnamon rolls are no different. A warm and delicious way to start off your day outdoors. 


5. Sunrise Breakfast Bowl

This recipe requires only one muffin pan.  There are no spoons, bowls, spatulas or skillets to clean and is the perfect breakfast recipe for kids to make.


6. Summer Sausage Hash

Cooked over an open fire or camp stove, our sausage and potato has is the way forward for anyone seeking a hearty, satisfying start to the day.


7. Campfire Blueberry Orange Muffins

These muffins are so delicious and fun to make.


8. Pizza Nachos

Just one piece of advice: the more cheese, the better.


9. Campfire Burritos

A great recipe that you make at home and then reheat over the fire.

10. Spicy Tuna Salad Pita

All of the piquant ingredients of your favorite sushi hand roll, tossed in a pita.


11. Campfire Pizza Log

This recipe is a crowd pleaser every time I make it.

12. Walking Tacos

Perfect for an on-the-go meal, and easy to clean as all ingredients go right into the chip bags!


13. Jambalaya

With fresh garlic, onions, bell peppers, organic rice, and chicken broth, our jambalaya is a bright, full-flavored dish and the perfect meal for those warm summer nights.


14. Coconut Curry Soup

Sometimes you need a meal that is easy to pack, will stay fresh for a couple of days, and warm you after a long day of camping. This is that meal.


15. Campfire Mac & Cheese

This campfire macaroni and cheese is one of the recipes I make every single time we go camping. 


16. Sausage and Fennel Grilled Campfire Pizza

Wood fired pizza is always delicious, but wouldn’t it be even better over an open campfire? Yes, yes it would.


17. Curly Dogs

I know I mentioned no hot dogs at the beginning, but this is a great recipe and kids love them!

18. S'mores Campfire Cones

You can't go camping and not have s'mores. This twist on the classic dessert is easy, imaginative, and delicious!


19. Campfire Monkey Bread

Bring your favorite monkey bread recipe to the outdoors by making it in an aluminum foil-lined Dutch oven. 


20. Campfire Pies

Use Sandwich Irons to make these "pies" that are filled with fruit, preserves, and cinnamon.


21. Apple Pie On A Stick

They say there's nothing as American as apple pie, but how about apple pie while camping?