Thanks 'Brexit': New study shows airfare to UK lowest in 3 years


Time to pack your bags!

A recent study by the airfare prediction app Hopper has just been released, and if you've been looking for a reason to travel to the UK, it's full of good news. Following the June 23rd referendum for Britain to leave the UK, often referred to as "Brexit", airfares from the US to Britain and Europe have dropped to their lowest levels in three years.

While Britain's decision to leave may have shocked the world, it came as no surprise that following that decision, the value of the pound plummeted to a 30-year low, and the UK was downgraded from its previous triple-A rating from Standard & Poor’s. 

While the long-term impact to the UK and Europe is hard to predict, what's become quite obvious is that many are now looking to take advantage of this opportunity to travel for much less than it previously cost. As noted by Hopper, there's been a jump in the number of searches for flights to Britain and Europe as a whole. 

"Typically these broad sales only last few days, and with prices to the UK and Europe lower than they've been in several years, we'd definitely recommend acting quickly" Hopper's Chief Data Scientist Patrick Surry said. "While it's possible that airfare will remain low, it seems unlikely that the current convergence of downward price pressure from low oil prices, a strong USD, uncertainty about Brexit and a series of negative news stories about Europe will continue forever."

So, if traveling to the UK is on your bucket list, maybe now is the time to think about checking that box.