Want To Move, But Not Sure Where? This App Will Help You

by Ronnie Charrier


A few months ago, we wrote a fun little article titled The Top 7 Countries To Move To If Donald Trump Becomes President. The article was meant to be fun, and although we did our research on what places could be good choices, it wasn't meant to be a mandate on what was absolutely, without question, the best places to move! 

What we didn't anticipate was the over 1,000,000 people who would read the article and the subsequent percentage of those who would venomously disagree with our list. To those people, you are now in luck!

A new, free web app called Teleport has just launched to help each individual person come up with the best place to move based on their own preferences - whether that's because the place has a high median income or pretty beaches.

"Explore the best cities based on your personal preferences," Teleport says on its website. "We'll lend you a hand with preparing and executing the move."

It's easy. Just sign up on their website (you can use an existing social media profile to speed things along) and select the things that are most important to you. Housing, career, atmosphere, etc., are all part of the selection process. Based on this information, the website will give you an initial list for you to start dreaming about packing it all up and moving.

One of the coolest things I found using Teleport was the estimated amount that you would save or spend depending on what city you moved to. And if you wanted to really fantasize about moving, they will provide a checklist to use before moving to make sure you cover everything.


So, where are you going to move to?