Top 10 Best-Selling Adventure Travel Books Of 2016

by Ronnie Charrier


If you're like me, you have bookshelves and/or a Kindle that's filled with tales of against-all-odds survival, romantic journeys to the far reaches of the globe, and classic Kerouac-esque journeys that change lives and shift perceptions. Adding books to this collection is sometimes almost as fun as the trips you plan after being inspired by them.

With Summer fast approaching, we take a look at Amazon’s best-selling adventure travel books of 2016 – perfect to inspire your next trip.

Wild by Nature: From Siberia to Australia, Three Years Alone in the Wilderness on Foot

by Sarah Marquis

In Wild by Nature, National Geographic Explorer Sarah Marquis takes you on the trail of her ten-thousand-mile solo hike across the remote Gobi desert from Siberia to Thailand, at which point she was transported by boat to complete the hike at her favorite tree in Australia.


Walking the Nile Hardcover

by Levison Wood

Starting in November 2013 in a forest in Rwanda, where a modest spring spouts a trickle of clear, cold water, Wood set forth on foot, aiming to become the first person to walk the entire length of the fabled river. He followed the Nile for nine months, over 4,000 miles, through six nations—Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, the Republic of Sudan, and Egypt—to the Mediterranean coast.


Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

by Steve Kamb

For the past 5 years, Steve Kamb has transformed himself from wanna-be daydreamer into a real-life superhero and actually turned his life into a gigantic video game: flying stunt planes in New Zealand, gambling in a tuxedo at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and even finding Nemo on the GreatBarrier Reef.


Iceland (National Geographic Adventure Map)

by National Geographic Maps

#4 on this list shows you just how popular of a destination Iceland has become. We recommend visiting this beautiful country as soon as possible before it becomes even more crowded.




Grandma Gatewood's Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail

by Ben Montgomery

Emma Gatewood told her family she was going on a walk and left her small Ohio hometown with a change of clothes and less than two hundred dollars. The next anybody heard from her, this genteel, farm-reared, 67-year-old great-grandmother had walked 800 miles along the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail.


A Woman's Guide to the Wild: Your Complete Outdoor Handbook

by Ruby McConnell

For women who enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor recreation or those inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, this is the definitive guide to being a woman in the great outdoors. This friendly handbook covers the matters of most concern to women, from “feminine functions” in the wilderness to how to deal with condescending men, as well as the basics of wilderness survival tailored to women’s unique needs.

National Geographic Walking Rome, 2nd Edition: The Best of the City

by Katie Parla

Experience the magic of Rome with 15 carefully curated itineraries, written by an expert travel writer, that showcase the city's best sights. Fun features include in-depth looks at major icons, "best of" lists of quintessential things to see and do, and insider information full of local knowledge.


Bryce Canyon National Park (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map)

by National Geographic Maps

National Geographic's Trails Illustrated map of Bryce Canyon National Park is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts by combining valuable information with unmatched detail of this unique landscape of hoodoos and forest.




The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon

by Andrés Ruzo

When Andrés Ruzo was just a small boy in Peru, his grandfather told him the story of a mysterious legend: There is a river, deep in the Amazon, which boils as if a fire burns below it. Twelve years later, Ruzo—now a geoscientist—hears his aunt mention that she herself had visited this strange river.


Great Sedona Hikes Revised Fourth Edition

by William Bohan

This is the most up-to-date Sedona hiking guide available. The Sedona hiking trail system is constantly changing. Other Sedona hiking guides books are printed in China which can result in long delays in incorporating changes, we keep Great Sedona Hikes Revised Fourth Edition up-to-date by constantly hiking the trails and updating our book.