The Top 7 Countries To Move To If Donald Trump Becomes President

by Ronnie Charrier & Phoebe Blyth


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“If Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States, I’m moving to _________ (insert country).”

The sentiment is trending amongst the more liberal minded and twitter equipped, as you can see:

Even I have found this sentence on the tip of my tongue in moments of outrage at Trump's latest racist/sexist/segregationist media fart, but I always wonder: where would I go? Canada appears to be the popular choice on the Internet, but I would guess that's just for convenience's sake. If you’re going to pack up your entire life and move far away from the giant, hairless, pink-tinged man-baby who somehow ends up running the country, shouldn’t the criteria for your new home be more than just “it’s the closest country that speaks English”?

Traditionally, people take a lot of different factors into account when considering where to emigrate: job opportunities, salary considerations, quality of life, safety, and education to name just a few. To show that we here at ManyManyAdventures take Trump and his little tantrums seriously, we have sought out information from a number of reputable surveys and studies conducted over the past 2 years; as well as the General Quality of Life Index; Ease of Settling In Index; Working Abroad Index; Family Life Index (where applicable); and Personal Finance Index.

If the worst should happen, and the man-who-should-not-be-named manages to weasel his way into presidential office, here are the top 7 countries you should consider for your new home:

#7. Ecuador

Probably comes as a surprise on a list of best countries to move to, right? It certainly was to me too, but Ecuador was ranked towards the top of almost every survey I read, including the health of personal finances; the potential for making friends; and overall personal happiness. According to the Expat Insider report, “it is unsurprising that over nine out of ten expats (91%) report being satisfied with their life in Ecuador. [And] it makes sense that almost half the expats in Ecuador plan to stay there ‘possibly forever.’”

It is estimated that there are as many as 10,000 American expats currently living in Ecuador, and affordability is one of the main reasons: many expat couples say they live on less than $2,000/month, and in some cases, much less.

In most of the country, with the exception of parts of Quito and Guayaquil, the cost of housing is far below the U.S. average. And in the picturesque beachfront town of Bahia de Caraquez, many homes sell for less than $100,000.


#6. Bahrain

We understand if you have to look up Bahrain. It probably doesn't come up too often in your conversations about where you would like to live, but you may want to change that.

While it does reside in the Persian Gulf, unlike the majority of countries in that region, Bahrain does not rely upon oil as it's main source of income. Instead, it has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors, making it an ideal destination for expats looking to integrate into the culture. "The locals respect and accept expats in a very friendly way," an expat told HSBC.

In researching Bahrain, we found that is was ranked second in experience, which takes into account the ease of adjusting to a new place to live and making friends in a new place, and eleventh in economics, which is evident in 70% of expats living in Bahrain saying they save more money here than they did at home.

#5. New Zealand

While Bahrain was second in experience, New Zealand ranks first, which is one of the reasons it is higher on this list. On top of that, New Zealand is an attractive option because of it's need for skilled workersespecially those under the age of 30. If you qualify as a skilled worker, you can be granted a stay for up to five years - just long enough for the rest of the country to come to its senses and impeach Trump for whatever heinous act he will no doubt commit when given the full attention of the media.

New Zealand offers a good climate and although income levels can be lower than other countries, quality of life is high, with its awe-inspiring scenery, low crime rate, and state sponsored healthcare. The country also ranks first on HSBC's report for better quality of life for children, and was named as the best place for bringing up confident and well-rounded kids.

#4. Germany

An estimated 250,000 expats live in Germany currently, with those numbers rising every year. It’s lively and inexpensive, and if you have children, you'll love their high standards of education and healthcare.  

The country also benefits from a stronger economy than that of most of the world, with 87% of expats expressing satisfaction with the local economy compared with a global average of 62%.

It is also considered an extremely safe place to live with a very stable political system and low crime, with 80% saying that Germany is safer than their home country.

#3. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is for the company man who wants to ride out this Voldemort term by spending a few years abroad in a foreign office. Luxembourg is a major financial capital of Europe, and plenty of like-minded Americans move here every year for its banks and markets.

"Two out of three expats said that the career opportunities were their most important reason for moving to Luxembourg. However, about 20% are only planning to stay there for a few years, as opposed to making the move more permanent” said InterNations Co-CEO Malte Zeeck.

Indeed, work isn’t everything. While an overwhelming majority of expats in Luxembourg would say that they are happy, there are still those who end up moving. Why would they leave? Overwhelmingly, expats in Luxembourg report that they struggle to make friends, otherwise it would have been higher on the list.

#2. Singapore

Singapore may be the biggest surprise on this list for some, but after some research it becomes clear this a country with something to offer. 70% of expats said that moving to Singapore boosted their quality of life: “For expats looking for an improved quality of life and greater economic opportunities, Singapore is the place to go.”

Singapore ranked third in economic measures and third in experience. Expats in Singapore benefit from generous financial packages, great career opportunities than most of the world, and low tax rates. Although education is expensive here, it's worth it and is rated one of the top places for raising children abroad. Notably, British education minister Michael Gove has suggested Britain adopt a similar system to Singapore's.

#1. Switzerland

Yeah, Switzerland. The Alps, the skiing, the food, and the chocolate. Oh, and it happens to be the country that ranks first in economics.

25% of expats earn more than $200,000/year, which is more than twice the global average. Of course, high salaries are necessary because everything is more expensive, including groceries, healthcare, accommodation, and socializing.

But that's ok, as 80% of expats say their job security feels better or just as stable in Switzerland as it did in America, making it a good place to take a career leap.

It’s also great for those who love the outdoors, as there are beautiful lakes, mountains to hike in, and skiing in the winter. The school standards for expats are also excellent, making it appealing for those with children. English is also widely spoken so day-to-day living can be stress free.

In addition, travel around and outside Switzerland is very accessible. The country's central European location puts it a short train ride from exciting destinations like France, Germany, and Italy.

So if the worst should happen: do not despair! The rest of the world thinks that Trump is just as psychotic and incompetent as you do, and you'll like make lots of friends when people find out why you decided to come to their country. 

Best of luck! Send us a postcard...we'll be in New Zealand!