Finding The Milky Way In Joshua Tree (a photo essay)

All photos taken by @el3v1n and @ronnietravels.

Over a couple of days in September, two cousins decided to drive out to the desert.


The drive was long, but the scenery was worth it.


They explored the strange desert during the day, finding something new around every corner.


It was important not to overdo it, as what they had really come for was yet to come.


As the last of the sun gave way to darkness, they grabbed their gear, and headed off the trail.


They were amazed how different a place could look a few hours later.


What seemed maligned and coarse during the day, now looked majestic and enchanting.


But they were searching for something specific.


Along the way they found Arch Rock.


And took a minute to gaze up in wonderment.


And that's where they saw it.


They found The Milky Way.


And with it, they had finally found the perfect place to set up their camp.


As the first rays of light crept across the sky, threatening to blanket the stars above, they thought...


I guess it's time to get up and do it again.