Santorini Through the Lens

Sequestered away in the middle of Aegean sea is an island famous around the world for its beauty, despite its small size and isolation: Santorini. I ventured away from the main towns to lose myself in the rustic fields and tiny villages of this Neverneverland. 

Santorini's flourishing tourism industry presents a clashing dichotomy of modern resorts and cheap backpacker haunts, with ancient stories and tiny villages laying hidden amongst the hills.

The locals go about their daily business without much thought fo the steady stream of tourists who pass through for a few days at a time in high season, slowing to a trickly when the summer ends and the temperatures drop. Many local families have lived on the island for centuries, and there is a feeling of peace and eternity about the place, despite the ever expanding market for honeymooners and gap-year travelers. 

If the locals won't tell you a story, the windmills will. Standing there for decades, surveying the lives of thousands who have passed beneath their slow moving arms, they saw a lot. Most of them have been abandoned, and remain motionless above the olive trees: tools of the past, now monuments. 

Outside the main settlements, you can meditate under clear sky, filled with million stars. Some say that sky is the most beautiful in Santorini, and sitting next to beautiful, dignified old churches, seeing it stretch out above the fields and the ocean, I would have to agree. 


Nejc Trpin is a documentary and travel photographer, based in Slovenia. He publishes in several Slovenian and International magazines and webpages. He is specialized in stories, but he totally relaxes when photographing nature, and never forgets his camera when traveling. You can check his photographs on

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