15 Photos That Will Make Slovenia Your Next Destination To Visit

all photographs by Sebastien Blond

In this new series, we will take a look at places that have yet to become popular tourist destinations, but are certainly deserving of. Slovenia is tucked away between Croatia and Italy, which together receive almost 20 times the amount of tourists each year as Slovenia.

Sebastien Blond has been kind enough to share with us some of his favorite photographs from his time spent in Slovenia, showing us just how much people are missing out on this hidden beauty.

Let us know if the comments if there are other places like this that people need to add to their travel bucket lists!

Lake Bohinj, at the base of the Julian Alps.

A fisherman, in the early morning on Lake Bled

On an early spring morning in the mist of the Ljubljana marshes

The intermittent lakes of Radensko Polje on a Fall morning. Incredibly, these appear and disappear overnight due to the Karstic grounds

Ljubljana marshes and Ljubljanica River from a hill

Piran Harbour, on the Adriatic coast

The biggest intermittent lake of Slovenia, Lake Cerknica. It is the largest lake in Slovenia during winter and completely dry every summer.

Lake Bled on a winter morning. Lake Bled is best known for the tiny island in it which has a church. If winter is cold enough, the lake freezes and allows for you to walk to the island.

A canoe on Lake Bohinj on a winter evening

Ljubljana marshes with mists on an early Spring morning

A beautiful frosty morning in the Slovenian hills

A sea of clouds in the hills of Polhov Gradec, close to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia

The sun showing its first rays above Lake Bled and the church on the island

The light just beginning to come through the low clouds over Lake Cerknica

A sea of clouds covers the Ljubljana basin

Sebastien Blond is a French photographer currently living in Slovenia. Make sure you check out his website and his Facebook page, which document his travels from mystic Indonesian volcanoes to Mongolian steppes, hidden corners of Central Europe to mysterious Pekinese hutongs, and to the magic Halong Bay.