What Is A Micro-Adventure?

by Steve Armenti

A micro-adventure is simply going outside to explore your surroundings and experience new environments.

What is a micro-adventure you ask? A Google Search for this phrase produces a Google knowledge graph card highlighting a series of books published in the 80′s. Not quite the adventure we had in mind, but below that, in the search results, lies our answer of what a micro-adventure may really be.

The term ‘micro-adventure’ looks to have been pioneered by Alastair Humphreys, an adventurer, author, and motivational speaker on the subject. His blog is a library of stories, expeditions, explorations, and trips from cycling around the world and hiking through Europe. He describes micro-adventures as a state of mind, an experience, something new. To experience adventure, there doesn’t have to be a long flight involved, expensive gear, or expansive knowledge. Simply getting out of the daily hustle for a few hours to explore the outdoors is sufficient. The micro-adventures you begin with will start to turn into a habit, and much larger adventures.

Flipping the 9-5 Upside Down

What if people were concerned with what they do 5-9, rather than the work their company compensates them to do 9-5? That’s exactly how Humphreys wants his readers to think. The idea of a micro-adventure is to just get out there and explore. Explore something. It could be anything. A trip to the burbs, a lake, or a mountain nearby, all you really need is some basic gear. Just get outside.

As long as your surroundings have changed and those surroundings push you to think differently and encounter new challenges, then you are experiencing a micro-adventure. Adventure is about conquering fears, and reaching new heights, sometimes literally. Going on a micro-adventure is just that, an accessible trip to a new environment that forces you to conquer your fears and learn new things, about yourself and your environment.

How Can You Embark on a Micro-Adventure?

Starting tomorrow, wake up, grab a map (or log onto maps.google.com) and pick a place you would like to go. It doesn’t have to be far – but try to get at least an hour away, farther if driving one hour still puts you in the city. Pick a place that requires you to traverse something, be it a mountain, the perimeter of a lake, or a trail. Choose your goal: ascend to the peak, see a particular view, or hike a certain amount of miles. Meet that goal. Then spend the night in the wilderness relishing in your accomplishments. Wake up and repeat.



What are some of the micro-adventures you’ve been on? Tell us your story in the comments below!

Steve Armenti is the founder of exploresomething.com, an avid hiker, and camper who loves the outdoors. His passion for the outdoors has brought him to his current mission of hiking all 58 of America's National Parks.