6 Out Of This World Photos From Mono Lake

Thomas Piekunka's photographs from Mono Lake seem like they are from another planet. Actually, Mono Lake is an ancient saline lake with unusual calcium carbonate formations called tufas.  It is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California, just east of Yosemite National Park. Just another reason to go see more of the world! Until you do, enjoy the photos.

 all photographs are copyright of Thomas Piekunka and cannot be reproduced without his consent


Thomas Piekunka is a 53 year old artist turned photographer, hiker, adventurer and traveler. When he was younger, he enjoyed the labor intensive process used to produce his art, but ultimately found that work unfulfilling.  It wasn't until he started bringing his camera with him that he realized that he had found the vehicle that allowed him to express his creative inclinations in the best way. 

If you're interested in contacting Thomas, you can email him at piekunka@sbcglobal.net.