A Trip Through Southwestern America (In Photographs)

All photographs by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino and cannot be reproduced without his permision

In our latest photography piece, travel photographer Francesco Riccardo Iacomino takes us with him as he travels through the Southwestern part of the United States. From hidden waterfalls, through majestic valleys, and to the tops of strange formations, he shows us an area that seems like its been left undisturbed by the rest of the world.

The road leading to Monument Valley, Colorado

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Colorado

The Wave in the Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona

A rare water puddle in the torrid Arizona desert reflecting The Wave

Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Sunset over Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

A section or orange rocks situated in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness on the border of Arizona and Utah

Arches National Park at sunset, Utah

Dead Horse Point, Utah

Half Dome in Glacier Point at sunset, California

Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park, California

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley Highway

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino is a 26 years old photographer from Modena, Italy who started taking pictures after his journey through the Southwestern United States when he was 18...and since then I've never stopped.

You can find more of his beautiful work on his website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.