What Lies Beneath

By Guy Menzies-Saunders

What lies beneath, in my tired mind... 

Low down below, some sparkling thread, beneath fibers and sparks and dreams to be had. I feel worn and gone and sometimes lost... 

Why now, do i write at this cost...

To let go, to sink, to succumb to that deep. The inky recesses that make up my sleep. I toss and turn, and spasm as i lie, whatever could be festering deep in that guy. 

Festering though... is that the appropriate term? Why not nurturing or growing? Why so bleak, O man of self? Why so ponderous all the while?

You sit and think and inside do you weep, when it all seems too much with love to upkeep...

"Well that's where you're wrong..." Says the strength burning low. Down there deep inside, where it must comes high. "To upkeep is to maintain and keep well oiled, something boundless, like actual Love, cannot be soiled".

It Seems such a weight, i know its true, to stand up and stand strong, even when all seems blue...

How can you know of the path to take, when you are blind to the road on which you seek..?

Love again comes to the fore, as scary as can be in that unimaginable score... 

Breathe deep again, close those eyes, sink down below and push up high. With furious intent and red dragon fire, push on up, and lift ever higher. 

Set your gaze, square your jaw, plant your feet and let it roar. 

The world IS beauty... if only we'd see, life springs abound with all its glee. What is it you see... though... through those lenses of yours? 

What reality is yours that gets painted each day? Life, now... its not as simple as i guess it was... 

We have that lesson and gift to learn. To see how it's confusing in this day and age, to respect what once was, with reverence and love, to strive ahead with strength and courage.

It is what we make it after all... I want my existence, no matter how small, to have been a productive speck of consciousness all. 

From my being, from my spirit - whatever the hell that is - take hold, grip firm, and let yourself live.... With love. With integrity. With choice.

With the willingness to perceive perspectives great and small, especially those ones not conducive with my all. 

I want to let go, i want to surrender, i want to be at peace, with myself... like... "this".

Again. Breathe deep (its all we got), close your eyes (don't go into shock), feel that heart beat, again and again, know and believe, feel all that comes with it. 

Let it pump with furious intent! Feel that love flow, swift and unkempt.

Take life by it's balls, and hold on tight. What may come will come, there is no denying...

But why be afraid of the end, when there was, most definitely, a beginning?... 

Like a breath it will continue, until it stops, like something that lives, has value when it drops.

This be no negative, no depressing, "why bother at all", it is simply life, and all that it entails...

The beauty, dear lovers, friends, siblings, mothers, fathers and wives, is that you paint your own picture, with whatever time you have.

You make this experience what you will and desire.

Love to love. Fear the hatred. Surrender to yourself. Know all that is, can ALWAYS, be well.

Guy Menzies-Saunders is a truly remarkable human being. He lives to the fullest with more passion and enthusiasm than most able-bodied people, and is in every sense an inspirational figure in our community. 

Despite his physical limitations he maintains a very active lifestyle and delights in bringing like-minded folks together, whilst sharing his interests far and wide. He is a fantastic friend and a very generous individual, usually the first person to offer assistance and the last to ask for help. Everyday life for Guy is a series of overwhelming challenges that he repeatedly conquers... but you'll never hear the dude complaining. In fact, he is so active and achieves so much that we often forget he's actually disabled!

On April 16th 2014 Guy was involved in a car accident, of which he was the driver at fault. Fortunately there were no major injuries, but the financial repercussions have completely drained his savings and left him without a vehicle. In true Guy fashion he is looking on the bright side, but the reality is... being car-less will have a serious impact on his active lifestyle, and on the lives of those who are close to him.

Our fundraising goal is to get Guy back on the road ASAP in a wheelchair-friendly vehicle that will best suit his needs (most likely a transporter style van). We are asking anyone who has been effected by Guys' positive vibes to give a little back and contribute to the cause, so please donate within your means and encourage others to do the same. Let's keep our brother rolling so that he continues spreading the love!

You can see the fundraising page and donate at New Wheels For Guy